The clean room technology

Preparation of laundering
We place the garments into the GMP „D”/ISO Class8 area of the washing machine.

The cleanroom was designed and built in consideration of the ISO directives by a company with pharmaceutical reference. For packing the decontaminated clothes, two GMP „B”/ISO Class6 cleanroom areas are available. The cleanrooms are monitored and qualified regularly by a qualification and validation company that collaborates with pharmaceutical industry for a long while.

"D" grade technology – The main characteristics

The premises used for contaminated and clean clothes are isolated from each other. Thus the services related to contaminated and decontaminated clothes are separated. The walls are painted by a washable paint that has fungicide and germicidal effect. The air handling units ensure air supply in the premises. The cleanroom is under excess pressure compared to the surrounding premises thus the air of them does not mix.

The water used for laundering is softened by using ion exchanger columns. The laundering is done in a hygienic two-door washing machine thus only the decontaminated clothes shall get to the clean area. We use filtered air for drying.
The ironing is done by using steam presses.
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