Welcome to the website of „Első Magyar Tisztatéri Mosoda Kft.„ what is now the newest partner of Elis Group.

About us

A few words about us

The „Első Magyar Tisztatéri Mosoda Kft.„ (EMTM Kft.) is a new enterprise that provides laundry services in Hungary. In addition, our company is the only one that provides cleanroom laundry services in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our company was established in 2006 to find and offer the best solution for the problems related to the accessibility and high prices of laundry services for our potential partners. We aimed to provide a cleanroom laundry service where the low particle released, sterile cleansing is accessible as it is used in pharmateutical GMP B/C or ISO Class6, ISO Class7 cleanrooms.

Professional background

Our company consists of three members and among the financial investors, a professional in clean room technology contributes to the operation process. Without his professional support, our company would have not come into existence.

The professional background is enhanced by a qualified microbiologist who has worked in a multinational pharmateutical company for more than 10 years in the fields of quality control and injection production. As a quality control manager, he has been an operative member of numerous pharmaceutical investment projects. Thus he is deeply aware of the standards and criterias set by pharmaceutical industry and the practical problems and solutions related to the clean room services.

Company introduction

The EMTM Kft. was established in 2006 and since then the greatest Hungarian pharmaceutical factories choose our cleanroom services in decontaminating non-shedding garments.

Meanwhile, several partners of ours faced with the problem related to the professional laundering services of work clothes. After analyzing our logistic background, in regard to the specific demands of the market and the quality of the services provided by other domestic companies, we decided to expand our laundry services and since 2007-2008 we offer professional hygienic laundering of work clothes, too.
In order to satisfy the growing demands of the market, in 2013-2014 a new, larger laundry for hygiene services were built and put into operation, which was followed by the reconstruction of the existing hygiene laundry to a “D” grade cleanroom.